As technology tools have evolved in past years, we have become a more networked global society.  Technology has enabled us to collaborate more broadly than ever before, but along with these opportunities, there have been significant organizational challenges to collaborating effectively both within and across organizations.  A recent research report by the Monitor Institute for the philanthropic sector identified the following as the main barriers to effective collaboration:

  • organizations are not usually structured in a way to accommodate working within a network
  • building trust across organizational boundaries can be a challenge
  • accountability and decision making can be more of a challenge in a networked environment

Techné Verde Group brings many years of technical and organizational experience in the philanthropic and non-profit sectors and offers advisory, technical and production services in the following areas:

Technology Selection and Implementation

The TVG team has an in-depth knowledge of the technologies used in the social sector and can assist organizations in assessing their needs and sourcing the appropriate tools.  TVG also provides implementation and support services.

Design and Development

TVG designs and produces custom platforms and digital media projects for clients, providing strategic planning, technical development, training, design services, content development, media production, publishing, and social media marketing programs.

KARL Open Source Knowledge Management and Collaboration

KARL is an open source knowledge management system that allows organizations to collaborate securely online. The system was designed for international NGOs to support cross-organizational collaborations and is currently used by a growing number of international non-profit organizations including Oxfam GB, United Nations Environmental Programme, Open Society Foundations, Ariadne, European Foundation Centre and other NGOs of all sizes. The Techné Verde team currently supports several organizations using the KARL system.

Memnosyne Foundation and Club of Budapest Americas are joint partners developing a web-based collaboration platform using the KARL system for multiple non-profit organizations. Techné Verde Group has provided consultation and production services for the design and development of the platform, and is co-managing the project with Memnosyne.

For more information on Techné Verde Group, contact Client Services Manager Catherine Douglas