The Techné Verde mission is to support the synergistic development and implementation of advanced Information and Communications Technology (ICT) applications and systems to serve the global shift to a socially just and ecologically resilient human culture.

Techné Verde Applied Research 

Techné Verde Applied Research, a fiscally sponsored project of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, is assessing ICT needs and fostering new solutions for the global civic sector. Techné Verde’s Global Shift Mapping program is profiling and connecting key technology assets and groups toward more effective network infrastructure and management strategies to improve intra- and inter-organizational collaborations.

The Buckminster Fuller Institute is dedicated to accelerating the development and deployment of solutions which radically advance human well-being and the health of our planet’s ecosystems. BFI programs combine unique insight into global trends and local needs with a comprehensive approach to design. They encourage participants in their programs to conceive and apply transformative strategies based on a crucial synthesis of whole systems thinking, Nature’s fundamental principles, and an ethically driven worldview.

Techné Verde Group

Techné Verde Group (TVG) is the independent consulting and production services organization associated with the non-profit Techné Verde Applied Research project. TVG serves clients primarily in the philanthropic, non-profit and impact investment sectors with strategic planning, technical development, design services, media production, training, and marketing programs.  For more information on Techné Verde Group services, contact Client Services Manager Catherine Douglas.


Techné Verde has offices in Berkeley, California at the David Brower Center, and New York City at the NYC Impact Hub.  See our Contact page for more information.